Build Muscles…

Learn how to build muscle naturally, burn fat and stay motivated. These guides will teach you how to reach your health and fitness goals.

what is your body type? Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. Your workout and nutrition depends on these 3 body types.

Ectomorph structure– 1) Thin, 2) Lean muscle mass, 3) Hard to build muscles, 4)High metabolism.

Mesomorph structure– 1) Athletic. 2)Gain muscles easily. 3)Strong. 4)Gains muscle easily.

Endomorph structure– 1)Soft and round body. 2)Gains fat easily 3)Slow metabolism.

Tripod of fitness

1) A good workout routine– A Good workout routine tends to muscle gain and fat loss. The more you train the more you get fat loss and thus improvement in lean muscle mass. It consist of 3 types of workout routine- Beginner, Intermediate and Advance.

2) Nutrition– You need to consume good amount of protein after your physical activity. It would be from supplements or either from meat, eggs or paneer. You can consume these foods in your daily meals by dividing into the small meals. Calories from protein= 4Kcal/gram. Now its time to calculate your daily protein requirement along with Calories :-

Beginner- Lean muscle mass X 2.5= ——Grams/day X 4 = —–Kcal.

Intermediate- Lean muscle mass X 3.5=—–Grams/day X4= ——Kcal.

Advance- Lean muscle mass X 4= —–Grams/day X4= —-Kcal.

3) Rest and recovery- Human body has its own tendency to recover the wounds i.e. broken muscles fibers after intense workout routine. It takes 48 hrs to come back to its normal states of muscle fibers. After training body need at least 7-8 hrs Sleep/day.

An Ideal workout routine- 6 days/week

Monday- Body workout 1-2 hrs.

Tue- Cardio 45 min.

Wed- Body workout 1-2 hrs.

Thu- Cardio 45 min.

Fri- Body workout 1-2 hrs.

Sat- Cardio 45 min + Full body workout.

Sun- Rest

“Winners Find a way, Losers find an Excuse”

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